Disable Power Monitor App On Samsung Galaxy S9

The Power Monitoring name is a pretty self-explanatory name. Still, if you’re new to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and want to know more about it, you’ll be happy to hear that everything about it is so intuitive.


To give you some general information, the Power Monitor App, or the Energy Monitoring function as it’s often referred to, is constantly monitoring the ongoing processes and the running apps. By doing so, it also provides a clear image of the resources that are being used. If required, it can disable some apps that you don’t really need at that point, precisely to regulate the energy consumption.

That’s why you can easily use an app in the morning and don’t bother about completely shutting it off. The Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t keep it running in the background all day, thus saving its resources, thanks to this active function. But even so, you have the right to decide that you don’t want to maintain this option active…


Have you decided to disable the App Energy Monitor from your Android Nougat device?

  1. You’ll have to open the Settings, whose icon is listed on the Home Screen, within the App menu;
  2. After you access the Settings, you must extend the section from Device Maintenance;
  3. Within the Menu bar, you’ll have the Battery submenu;
  4. Select the battery and, below it, select that icon with 3 dots;
  5. Next, head to the Advanced Settings, where you’ll see the App Energy Monitor option;
  6. Tap on it and change its status accordingly, to Off if you want to disable it or to On if you want to activate it.


Of course, since your initial purpose was to disable the Power Monitor App on the Samsung Galaxy S9, moving its slider to Off is all you have to do. Rest assured, the Android Nougat operating system will no longer make use of this option once you do that.

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