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Does Huawei P20 Have Notification LED Settings?

Owners of the new Huawei might be interested in finding out if the phone has LED notifications on Huawei P20. The LED flashes on different occasions and this is a great feature since it information you of new messages and so you don’t have to always look on the screen of your device.

However, the Huawei P20 LED notification might cause more harm than helping you. Therefore, you might want to disable and turn off this feature on your device. Here is a guide that you need to follow to switch off the LED notification on Huawei P20 if it is problematic.


Procedure For Disabling LED Notification On Huawei P20

  1. Switch your Huawei P20 on
  2. Open the Menu view from your phones home screen
  3. Tap on the settings
  4. Tap “Sounds & Notifications”
  5. Identify the “LED Indicator” option
  6. To disable the LED notification, touch the toggle.


The main reason why it might be necessary to disable the LED notifications is when you want to keep your messages private. Also, if you are receiving critical information, this might be the reason why you might consider switching off the feature.

Note that you cannot be able to deactivate notifications for individual notification types on Huawei P20. The feature is used on all alerts and so on disabling it you will not be able to use it on selected alerts.

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