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Enable Video Optimization On Galaxy S9

Usually, when purchasing a flagship like the Samsung Galaxy S9, people want to know how to optimize it and make better use of its resources. Adjusting the screen luminosity and the battery consumption or the data usage are only a few of the topics of major interest yet there’s more that one can try in terms of optimization.

Today, for instance, we’d like to talk to you about how to enable video optimization on Samsung Galaxy S9. On a first glance, you might think that it has to do with the actual shooting process and how to use fewer resources but that’s not it. We’re actually talking about improving the quality of any video file that you’re trying to play on your Samsung smartphone.


Still not sure what that means?

Imagine that whether you’re playing Google Play or YouTube videos, just like any other videos opened with VLC or your stock video player app, you can still make some changes. Those changes will target video features such as brightness, saturation, and many more. And you don’t have to do anything but to hit a menu and activate an option – the phone will do the rest of it for you!


To Enable Video Optimization On Samsung Galaxy S9…

  1. Go to Settings, through the gear symbol at the top right corner of the Notification Shade;
  2. Select the Advanced Functions tab of the phone’s settings;
  3. Find the Video Optimization option listed underneath the Advanced Functions menu;
  4. Make sure that its toggle is set to On and then you can leave the settings.


After these four simple steps, you can consider the job done. Just like we said, whatever video file you will be playing, regardless of the video player you will be using, it should come up as an enhanced video material. Go on and disable then enable video optimization on Samsung Galaxy S9 a few more times, just so you can spot the differences between a standard and an optimized video!

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