Facebook Tell Us How Ads We See Are Chosen

Facebook has stated that their is a new terms of service. The additions to the terms of service give more information on users’ intellectual property rights, ad targeting, and content removals. However, the new terms to do not change the Facebook actually goes about business, but hope that this new terms of service give more transparency into the what you are seeing. The new terms will be officially put in place on July 31st.

The reason for Facebook updating the wording of the terms is because of European regulators, a representative from Facebook said, “Several of the updates are the result of our work with the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network [a division of the European Commission],”. The European group started their work with Facebook in April and Facebook agreed to change the terms to the public before July. Other changes are because of the input that Facebook has received from consumer protection experts, policy makers, and regulators.

This change is quite complicated but in short, Facebook is trying to become more transparent with users about how the company goes about the things you see in your feed and to reduce the amount problems they will have in regards to security technical vulnerabilities on their platform.

Facebook put out a statement saying “We don’t sell your personal data,” the section reads. “We allow advertisers to tell us things like their business goal and the kind of audience they want to see their ads (for example, people between the age of 18-35 who like cycling). We then show their ad to people who might be interested.”

The company makes clear that the new terms will show that users will keep ownership of the content that they post to Facebook including photos. Facebook will only have right to display content that relates to Facebook product.

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