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Fix Huawei P20 Screen Won’t Turn ON

Some Huawei P20 owners have often reported that the screen won’t turn on. The issue is that smartphone’s screen stays black and even nothing shows up when the buttons of the Huawei P20 seems to light up in normal way. The obvious problem with most P20 faces is where the screen doesn’t wake up although the times the phone’s screen won’t turn on for several people seem random. There is usually some suggested reason for the occurrence and thus we will provide some potential way you can use to fix Huawei P20 screen won’t turn on problem.


Hit The Power Button

Before anything else, we recommend that you initially test the condition of the smartphone. You can examine whether the Huawei P20 has powering issue by pressing the ‘‘Power’’ button a couple of times. In case the smartphone remains with the same issue after testing its power, then, you can continue to peruse this guide for other solutions.


Boot To The Recovery Mode And Later, Wipe Cache Partition

  1. Initially, hold and press together the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons.
  2. Once you see the phone starting to vibrate, release the Power button immediately. But, hold onto other buttons until you see the Android System Recovery screen appearing.
  3. Using the “Volume Down” button, head to “wipe cache partition”. Then, push the Power button to choose it.
  4. An automatic reboot will take place on the Huawei P20 once clearance of the cache partition is finished.


To get a more expansive explanation, kindly Read this guide on how to clear cache on your Huawei P20


Boot To Safe Mode

You can be able to run the pre-loaded apps and examine whether another mounted application is the one causing the issue when you Booting your Huawei P20 into “Safe Mode”. You just need to use the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the smartphone’s Power button.
  2. Then release that Power button. And later, press and eventually hold the Volume Down key.
  3. A message will show up displaying Safe Mode as the phone is restarted.


Get Necessary Technical Support

You will need to find out whether the phone is defective in case the above solutions fail to work. If you have to repair you may need to also visit the replacement unit. The prime issue with Huawei P20 power button is not working.


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