Galaxy Note 9: How To Add Signature To Text Messages

If you text a lot, to different people, and you’re tired of having to manually add your signature to every message, you can take a break. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a pretty cool feature that will spare you from doing just that. If you know where to look for it, you will be able to set up a customized signature, something that represents you and that will let people instantly know who’s texting. Rest assured, you don’t just need to use it for professional messages, you can try it with your personal messages as well, just for fun.


Just to be clear, however, this isn’t a feature provided by the built-in Messages app. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many devices out there that support a signature to text messages configured directly from the dedicated app. Instead, it is a feature provided by the built-in keyboard, more like a trick if you think of it.

With the help of the following instructions, you will be able to create a text shortcut for your Samsung keyboard. For instance, you can choose one word that will serve as a shortcut and customize that word so that, whenever you type it, the keyboard to automatically insert whatever text you have associated with that word. For instance, instead of writing your Name, First Name, and function, you write just Signature and that word will be automatically replaced with your Name, First Name, and function.


If You Need To Add A Customized Signature To Text Messages On Note 9…

  1. Go to Applications;
  2. Select Settings;
  3. Select Language and Input;
  4. Open up the Samsung Keyboard menu;
  5. Find the Text Shortcuts entry;
  6. Use Add alternative, the option from the upper right corner;
  7. Choose your shortcut word and type it within the Quick Access field;
  8. Choose the signature that you want to associate with that shortcut word and type it in the Extended Text field;
  9. Save the changes and exit the settings.


Just like we said, it’s not a shortcut option of the app that you’re using to text and send messages. But as long as your keyboard supports it, the feature is great because it lets you use that shortcut from any app where you have access to the Samsung Keyboard. In other words, that’s how you add a signature to text messages and any other text that you type on Samsung Note 9!

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