Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus: How To Add Contact Image

Adding a contact image to someone from the agenda of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus is not necessarily very common. That’s because most users settle for adding a custom ringtone and, for this reason, when the phone rings, they recognize who’s calling just by hearing the dedicated ringtone. But let’s just assume you don’t want to bother setting up custom ringtones and you prefer to spot the caller by its profile photo. It should be just as easy, provided you have one of their pictures stored on your device.

Below, as expected, you’ll find the simple instructions for how to add contact image on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus, presented step-by-step. As you can imagine, it all starts with the Contacts app, the one where you store your contacts and where you go whenever you want to edit details about them.


For Adding Contact Image On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Contacts, You Must:

  1. Bring up the Contacts app;
  2. Extend the list of contacts stored in it and select the one whose image you wish to edit;
  3. In the details window of that contact, look for the Edit option, at the top right corner, and tap it;
  4. Next, you should see the round camera symbol in the middle of the window, which you can tap to launch the camera app;
  5. And from there, you can select the Gallery icon from the lower right corner of the screen;
  6. Once within the Gallery, select the photo you wish to assign for that contact;
  7. Confirm the changes and leave the settings.


All these being said, you can select pretty much whatever picture you want for whatever contact you decide to edit. Just remember that, even though you’re editing it from the Contacts app, the image will show up on every interaction you have with that contact, be it on the Phone app, the VIP display, the car’s hands free and so on. In other words, once you learn how to add contact image on Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus, the change will apply to all the apps working with that contact.


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