Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus: Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped Error

Errors that keep popping up on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus are one nasty thing to deal with. And when you don’t even understand what’s that error about, the frustration can easily skyrocket, especially when you keep seeing it repeatedly, even though you dismiss it. What’s with the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” message that you keep seeing? And why did it start to show up after you have performed a software update?


To answer your questions without getting into complicated technicalities, let us say just that: software updates don’t necessarily refer exclusively to previous firmware issues; and while updating the software of specific apps and services, the device can encounter such errors.

This particular error, regarding the IMS service, might seem harmless and easy to dismiss. Problem is, however, that the more you ignore it, the more chances you have for it to start affecting the functionality of some apps from your smartphone. So, do yourself a favor and stop postponing to solve the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error. If you didn’t know how to do it before, you have no excuse starting from now, when we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.


How To Get Rid Of “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” Error On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Just so you know, there are a couple of different things that one can try out in this direction. Normally, we recommend our readers to boot into Safe Mode and try to use the texting service from there, to see if the IMS service error is still present in this mode.

To boot into Safe Mode suffices to tap and hold the Power and Volume Down keys for a few seconds, at the same time. When the Samsung logo appears, you can keep pressing only the Volume Down and only until you see the Safe Mode label at the bottom-left corner. Start investigating the problem from here.


In case you’re still getting the error in Safe Mode, consider clearing the cache and the data of the Messages app – it’s clearly an app-related issue. But if the error doesn’t show up, you can suspect other third-party apps. In this case, try to disable or to uninstall the apps that you have installed most recently. Reboot the device, test some more and see if the disappearance of one of those apps can actually be associated with the disappearance of the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error.

As a last resort, learning might also help you, provided you have the time to back things up before erasing it all. That’s pretty much all you can do on your own when it comes to fixing the “Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” error on devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

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