Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus: How To Add Contact Image On

If you’re the type of person who easily remembers faces, adding contact images to your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus contacts will help you a lot. Browsing through the app while searching for a particular contact will be easier. And so will be the identification of a caller from just one look at the display, before you pick up the call. Are you getting a little anxious to learn how to assign photos to your smartphone contacts? Let’s put an end to all this anxiety…


In Order To Add Contact Image To Galaxy S8 Or Galaxy S8 Plus Contact, You Must:

  1. Launch the contact app and go to the Contacts tab;
  2. Choose a first contact you’d like to experiment with;
  3. Use the Edit option for that particular contact;
  4. Once you enter the edit mode, look for the camera symbol and tap it;
  5. The action will launch the Camera app, from where you can take a picture on the spot or use the Gallery icon;
  6. If you tap the Gallery icon from the lower right side of the display, you will be able to browse through the entire Gallery app;
  7. Select a picture that you find representative for that contact;
  8. Save the changes and leave those contact settings.


When all this is done, you can check that the changes were implemented in more than one way. First of all, the new contact image will show up on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. But other than that, you should also spot it wherever the details of that contact are displayed on your smartphone – the VIP display, the Phone app, the hands-free of your car, and many other relevant apps. Go ahead, add contact images to your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus and see for yourself!

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