Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Best Way To Add Ringtones

When your Galaxy device receives an incoming call, you will hear a certain audio sound which is referred to as ringtone. The phone rings when setting to Loud Ring Mode with default ringtone, but you can select any other ringtone on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. By switching to another preferred tone, or maybe an MP3 song, you are able to customize ringtones as per your preferences.

Even interesting, you are able to set the phone to play the whole song or may be a part of the song that you like most, which can be the song’s chorus. In this tutorial, we explain how you can adjust these two options. Through the guide, you will be able to add ringtones on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

  • Option 1 Applies to all Contacts
  • Option 2 Only deals with a specific contact


Through the second option to add ringtones on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, you will be able to assign a ringtone to a particular contact. Therefore, the default ringtone will be playing whenever the other contacts, other than one with customized tone, calls. However, the first option allows you to change the ringtone for all the contacts in your phone.

Here is how you can do this;


Option 1: Changing Galaxy S9 Ringtone For All Contacts 

  1. Navigate to navigation panel and swipe it down.
  2. A settings icon will be displayed. Click on it so that you can navigate to sounds and vibration section. Here is where you will access the ringtone part.
  3. A ringtone option will be displayed on the window that opens. To set a default ringtone, click on the ringtone option. This will assign the selected tone as default for all the incoming calls.
  4. Selecting the options you will get to predefined ringtones list available on your phone ringtone.
  5. Scroll further down and you will see “Add From Device Storage” option and click on it.
  6. To enable you to complete the action, an app window will pop up.
  7. To select favorite music player song, choose sound picker
  8. Click on the preferred MP3 song so as to set it as the preferred ringtone on your Galaxy device. You will see a highlighted audio file part, which will be set as the default tone.
  9. For the phone to play the whole song during an incoming call, uncheck the “Highlights Only Option” box.
  10. Tap the Done button to save these changes.
  11. Exit the menu section and wait for an incoming call to find out if the changes were successfully done.


Option 2- Change Galaxy S9 Ringtone For Individual Contacts

  1. Launch the Contact App on your Device
  2. To pick the specific contact, scroll and pick it.
  3. Select Edit option so that you can access the MORE button and tap on it.
  4. Extended menus will pop up. Scroll further down to reach the ringtone part and tap on it.
  5. Scroll further to the bottom and you will find the “ADD From Device Storage” Option
  6. A window will pop up and will display the message “complete-Action-Using…” you need to click the sound picker.
  7. This transfers you to the Music Player app to allow you to choose the song that you want for the particular contact.
  8. To hear the entire song whenever you have an incoming call, uncheck the “Highlights Only” option box.
  9. Press “Done” option once you have successfully set the preferred tone, to ensure you secure the changes.
  10. In case you have additional tones that you would like to personalize, just repeat the same process to do it.


Now that you have seen that it is a simple process to add the ringtones on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, go ahead and place the specific ringtones for favorite contacts.


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