Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: Bypassing Forgotten Password

In a tough market like the one occupied by Samsung together with One Plus, ZTE and HTC, taking the lead is one thing but maintaining the top position is even more challenging. Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones are fit as flagships but that doesn’t mean that some issues won’t come along the way. The good news is that not all those issues are caused by the device itself. Sometimes, you might happen to overlook or to forget a particular aspect such as… the unlock password.

Assuming you’re in this terrible situation, you have forgotten the password and don’t know how to bypass it, we want to help. We cannot promise you that you will be excited with all of our suggestions, but we can assure you that all of them are meant to work, in particular situations.

All these being said, let’s spit it out. You can either use the Android Device Manager or the factory reset. If the second option is already giving you the shivers, it must be because you know what it means – you’ll remove everything from the device, bring it back to its default settings and, if you haven’t backed things up recently, you will lose all your data.

In case you’re not ready to give up on your data for the sake of unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S9, you could try the Android Device Manager. The problem with this feature, however, is that it only works if you have it enabled. The good news is that new smartphones like yours should have it enabled by default so, if you’re lucky and you haven’t disabled it by mistake, it should work.

With the two main options on the table, perhaps we must detail each one a little bit. Note that you can use either of them for the forgotten password on any Android Device!


Option 1 – Bypass forgotten password on Galaxy S9 with a factory reset

In a nutshell, you give up on everything you had on the device to get back your access. Like we said, if there’s any backup in the cloud, you will be able to restore it once the problem is solved. If it isn’t, you should consider this option anyway because it works like charm every single time…

  1. Use the power button to turn off the phone;
  2. Hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home Keys, all at the same time;
  3. Wait for the Samsung logo to pop up, knowing that that’s when you’re about to boot into Recovery Mode;
  4. Once you’ve entered this mode, navigate with the Volume down key;
  5. Select the option Factory Reset/Wipe Data;
  6. Activate it with one tap on the Power key;
  7. Use the Volume down key again to select the Yes option and confirm the action;
  8. Wait for the factory reset to happen and your phone will reboot.


Following this reboot, the Samsung device will return to the normal running mode, where you’ll have no password blocking your access. Now proceed to configure it from scratch…


Option 2 – Bypass forgotten password on Galaxy S9 with the Android Device Manager

To test if this option works for you, obviously, before you have tried to factory reset the phone, you must go to the Android Device Manager website.

  1. On the Android Device Manager website, you should log in using your credentials;
  2. Then, find the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone listed in there;
  3. And simply hit the Erase & Lock button;
  4. At this point, instructions will show up on the screen, showing you how to lock (not to erase) the phone;
  5. Eventually, you will be asked to choose a temporary password;
  6. With the new password that you just set on that internet-connected device, on the ADM website, you can unlock your Galaxy S9.


Just not forget that, right after you have regained the access to the locked Samsung Galaxy S9, you must set up a new password – this one will be permanent!

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