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Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: How To Use Always On Display

Unlocking the display of your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus is something you’re doing countless times a day. You’re doing it so often that you’re not even aware of it. Sometimes, just because you’re waiting for a call, or a message, or any other important notification, you find yourself automatically swiping the screen or using your unlock code, to bring up the Home Screen and see if you missed anything.


How Would You Like Not Having To Do Any Of That?

Of course, you can get to see the information that matters to you most, on the Lock Screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus, without even having to touch it! The answer is in the Always On Display option, a feature quite common among different types of smartphones, that Samsung insisted on implementing on the S9 as well.

The reason why not too many people are taking advantage of it – aside from the fact that it’s not active by default and its settings aren’t quite visible – is this fear of wasting battery. But just because a small portion of the screen is lit up all the time and displays some kind of information doesn’t mean it will waste your battery. In fact, the feature is so effective that it is estimated to take approximately 1% of your battery at every hour of standby.


Really, No Battery-Usage Concerns With The Always On Display On Galaxy S9?

Nope, it’s just like we said. When you’re not using the phone, it takes about 1% at every hour. To top it off, Samsung implemented a few particularities that help to preserve the battery even more. For instance, when you keep the phone in your pocket, the Always On Display can tell that you no longer need to see that information and it will automatically disappear. Rest assured, it will reactivate once you take it out.

Just the same, if you have the Night Clock feature turned on, during the night, when you’re obviously sleeping and not checking the Always On Display, it will also shut down automatically. Last but not least, when you are running on low battery, as low as in under 5%, your Samsung Galaxy S9 will also decide to disable this feature until you plug in the charger.


OK, So, How Do I Enable The Always On Display Feature On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus?

Glad you asked, because, just like we mentioned above, the setting is not quite in plain sight. To put it simply, the feature is called just like that, Always On Display, and it has a dedicated toggle that can be set to On or Off, with just one tap. You’ll find it in the App drawer, at the Device section, within the Display submenu.

Aside from activating it, you can also switch the Clock Style type, the Background Image, and select some customized Content to Show. Go on and check the entire above. Once you have this information, it’s super easy to turn on the Always On Display on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus!

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