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Galaxy S9: Assign A Contact A Ringtone

These days everyone has a smartphone and chances are you’ve bought your Samsung Galaxy S9 after seeing a couple of friends, relatives or just acquaintances having one. In case you were wondering how comes that most of them have these unique, catchy ringtones that are so different from your default ringtone, we have to give you some valuable information.You too can set up a new ringtone for a specific contact from the Galaxy S9

And you can do it not only for one contact, but for many others. Are you ready to customize these ringtones so you can tell exactly who’s reaching out before bothering to take the phone out of the pocket?


Because it’s a contact-specific feature, you will have to start the process from the Contacts app. Go to the Home Screen and launch it, accessing the entire list of contacts from your agenda.

  1. Begin by selecting a single contact, the first contact to change the default ringtone for;
  2. Next, select the More menu from the upper corner of the Contacts app;
  3. Use the Edit from the context menu that will extend shortly after that;
  4. And go to the Ringtone submenu – that’s where you will find all the ringtone files installed on the Samsung Galaxy S9;
  5. With one tap on each of those ringtones you get to hear how they sound and decide if you’ll settle for that one or try a new one;
  6. When you have made up your mind, maintain the selection and use the Save button.


You have just successfully changed the ringtone for one contact stored on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Feel free to do so with as many other contacts as you want, assuming you have the patience for it.

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