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Galaxy S9: How To Go Through Forgotten Password

As we all know, Samsung has its way of taking the lead in pretty much any sector where it directly competes with manufacturers like HTC, ZTE or One Plus. But occupying the first place would imply that those products are flawless? We’d have to say that this is impossible and here we are, looking at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and trying to figure out what could possibly go wrong with this flagship…


Before you frown and consider changing your preferences, let us say that not all the problems that occur on the S9 are actually caused by a malfunction of the device. If you think of it, sometimes, you’re the one to blame. That’s right, you!

To cut to the chase, the topic for today is handling the Samsung Galaxy S9 when you have forgotten its password. We’re not going to enter into speculations and have you think that someone mysteriously changed your password. Whether that happened or you simply forgot what password you’ve set, it doesn’t really matter. You’re probably more worried now about whether you will still be able to use the phone and access your data or not. And that’s what we’re trying to answer for you.


The news may or may not be very good to you, in the sense that you have two options to bypass the forgotten password yet you’re not going to like both of them. On one hand, you might be able to use the Android Device Manager and regain the access to the device and to everything you’ve stored on it – just pay attention to the “might” part because the ADM is not necessarily guaranteed to work. And on the other hand, you have the factory reset, which, as you probably know, will erase everything that you didn’t have the time to back up prior to the unfortunate event.

The context when the Android Device Manager is not an option for you is when the feature hasn’t been enabled in advance. Now we know it sounds bad but the fact is that most of the smartphones released these days should have the ADM active by default. Let’s hope that’s the case of your device as well and show you how to use this option first.


How Can Android Device Manager Help Bypass Forgotten Password On Galaxy S9?

Assuming, like we said, that the Android Device Manager is enabled for your Samsung smartphone, you should be able to check out the website for this service.

  1. Use a device where you have internet and open up a web browser;
  2. Navigate to the website of the Android Device Manager;
  3. Use your credentials to authenticate;
  4. Look for your Samsung Galaxy S9, which should be listed on the next page following the login;
  5. Use the Erase & Lock button associated with that phone;
  6. Expect to get instructions for the next stage of the process, instructions on how to lock the phone by setting up a new password;
  7. Finally, after setting up this password on the website, go to your Samsung Galaxy S9 and use it to unlock the phone.


Pay attention to the following aspect, however! The password that you have just set is only a temporary option to bypass your Samsung Galaxy S9 forgotten password. As soon as you regain your access, use the phone’s settings to set a new, permanent password and try not to forget it until the next time.


How Can Factory Reset Help Bypass Forgotten Password On Galaxy S9?

You probably know it too, but we’re going to say it anyway – the factory reset will simply reset the phone, leaving it completely empty, like taken out from the factory. When you do that, you also eliminate the password that was blocking your access but the fact is that any kind of data that hasn’t been previously transferred to the cloud or to whatever backup service will disappear. If you cannot use the Android Device Manager, do this:

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S9;
  2. Tap and hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons until you see the Samsung Logo and access the Recovery Mode;
  3. Use the Factory Reset/Wipe Data option available in there with the Volume Down and turn it on with the Power button;
  4. Confirm with Yes and wait for the reset.


Without a doubt, this factory reset will help you bypass the forgotten password on the Samsung Galaxy S9. Fingers crossed regarding the data you might have lost…

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