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Galaxy S9: How To Change Ringtone For Text Message

Love texting but you’re bored to death with your current message ringtone from the Galaxy S9? If you want something that will tickle your ears every time you hear it, there are two different ways you can get this kind of experience. So, more on how to change the Galaxy S9 text message ringtone is detailed below…


The Short And Easy Way To Change Galaxy S9 Text Message Ringtone

If you’re looking for a change yet you don’t see yourself browsing through tons of MP3 songs and trying to figure out which one will work better, your phone already has your back. Configured within its Notification settings, you have a hefty list of ringtones that you can choose from. So, assuming you’ve had enough with the default option, all you need is to find this list, take a few minutes to tap on some of the ringtones from the Notification Sound menu, and hit the OK button. That’s how you change the Samsung Galaxy S9 text message ringtone, the short and easy way:

  1. Launch your default Messages app;
  2. Use the More option to bring up the full menu;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. Next, select Notifications;
  5. Underneath that menu, tap the Notification Sound section and see your list of options;
  6. After hearing the sound of it and deciding which new ringtone you want to set, simply use the OK button on the desired ringtone selection.

The only downside, as you can imagine, is that these are special ringtone files – not your favorite MP3 songs – and that the options are somewhat limited compared to when you use a song as a message notification. But do not worry, you can do that too, if you insist!


The More Complex Way To Ditch Built-In Ringtones And Set Custom Ringtones For Galaxy S9

When you don’t really like your pre-installed options, you’re not just supposed to stick with it regardless of what. Instead, you can pick your favorite songs, in WAV or MP3 formats, and install them on your smartphone. Don’t expect it to be a walk in the park but pay attention to our instructions from below and you’ll see it’s not rocket science either.

Long story short, in order to come with different sound files and set them on your Samsung Galaxy S9 as ringtones, you will first have to work on a PC and to use the Rings Extended app.


The computer is required for you to download and access the songs that will be used as ringtones on the smartphone. So, you’ll not only need to keep those files at hand, but you’ll also need to connect the Galaxy S9 to the PC and transfer those songs first.

Next, you’ll be using the Rings Extended app so that your Samsung Galaxy S9 will know how to tackle these new files when you select them as ringtones. Here’s what we’re trying to say…

  1. After transferring your songs from the PC to the smartphone and installing the Rings Extended app on the phone, launch the Messages app;
  2. Next, go to the app’s Settings, from the More button and select Notifications, followed by Notification Sound;
  3. Expect a message on the display that will say something like “Complete Action Using…” and followed by a list of options;
  4. Select the Rings Extended app from there, followed by Media Ringtones;
  5. Finally, you should be able to see the songs that you just transferred and select the one you’re planning to use.


The only thing we should specify for the time being is that these instructions will only work for the default Messages app. If you’ve noticed the Notifications Option grayed out when following the above steps, it means you’ve switched to a third-party messaging app and we can’t help you with that. Our clear instructions are for how to change the Galaxy S9 text message ringtone from the default Messages app!

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