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Galaxy S9: How To Change Text Message Ringtone

If the text messages are your preferred communication channel on the Samsung Galaxy S9, you must be doing a lot of texting. Since your smartphone is buzzing and ringing so often, we bet you’d give anything to be able to customize those sounds a little bit. The good news is that you don’t really have to give anything other than, perhaps, your personal time.

Do you have a little patience to go through this tutorial on how to change the Galaxy S9 text message ringtone? Then consider the amount of time for this short reading as the only investment required. Just keep this aspect in mind – the following instructions are dedicated to the stock Messages app, the one that your phone came with from the factory. Hopefully, you haven’t ditched the stock app for a third-party one…


To Change The Ringtone Of Your Text Messages On Galaxy S9:

  1. Bring up that stock Messages app;
  2. Extend its menu, from the More label at the upper-right corner;
  3. Select the Settings entry from there;
  4. Next, select the Notifications entry;
  5. Finally, select the Notification Sound and go through your options listed in there;
  6. When you’ve decided for a particular ringtone, you can use the OK button to save it and return to texting from your app.


Want To Go The Extra Mile And Set Up Customized Ringtones For Your Text Messages On Galaxy S9?

What you just saw above is a way of changing the current ringtone with one that’s already set on your phone. But what if you want to explore other options as well, such as a custom WAV or MP3 sound file? If that’s the case, you’ll have to work a bit harder and to have a PC as well as the Rings Extended app at your disposal.

The computer is required for transferring the sound file. Say you want to use a particular song that’s already stored on the PC, learn and copy the song on the phone.


Back to your phone, use the Play Store to download and install this Rings Extended app. With the song at hand and the app in place, all you have to do is to:

  1. Turn on the Messages app once again;
  2. Head to the More button, to open the Settings;
  3. Go to Notification Sound, underneath the Notifications tab;
  4. Wait until you see this popup of Complete Action Using…;
  5. Tap on it and select the recently installed Rings Extended app;
  6. Finally, select the Media ringtones and you’ll see your transferred song in there;
  7. Chose it, save it, and start enjoying it.


Now let us know how it all worked out in your case. If you’re not happy with the result – you’ve followed our indications but the Notifications option is grayed out – it looks like you really ditched the built-in Messages app. So, remember, these instructions on how to change the text message ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S9 are for the default app alone!

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