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Galaxy S9: How To Fix Charging Paused (Battery Temperature Too Low)

Charging complaints are not necessarily the norm among Samsung Galaxy S9 users, though you will hear about them quite often. That’s why, even if you’re a new user of Samsung Galaxy S9 and haven’t had any problems in this chapter so far, it is best that you stay informed. Sooner or later, the charging process might play you some tricks as well and you’ll probably hate to be taken by surprise. What’s more important, when that happens, it might not be the issue you were anticipating.


For instance, some users were stunned to discover that the Samsung Galaxy S9 stopped charging because it detected a too low battery temperature. And that was happening when they were at home, or at the office, or in any other place where the temperature couldn’t possibly be that low to trigger this protection mechanism on the device.

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So, our topic for today is: what can you do when the Samsung Galaxy S9 keeps saying “Charging paused – battery temperature too low”? And coming up next, we’ll show you how this malfunction can be approached. But first…


A Few Things On Li-Ion Batteries And Charging Of Galaxy S9

Li-Ion batteries have been so praised ever since they showed up on the market. And through time, we’ve all learned that they are more likely to shut off the recharging process when they reach a certain temperature, a temperature considered too high for a safe charging.

The reason why so many people are surprised to hear about too low temperatures during charging is the fact that it’s usually not the case. The protection mechanisms jump in and stop the recharge process only when the temperature gets below 39.2°F (the equivalent of 4°C). Since that doesn’t happen normally – someone to literally charge a phone in such a cold environment – you don’t get to see the message.


Then again, the entire above is normal as long as the thermistor responsible for measuring this temperature is working as it should.

If your Samsung Galaxy S9 tells you that the temperature is too low and you’re sure that’s not the case… You know the cause, right? Most likely, that thermistor from the charging board isn’t functioning properly. And in this case, as you’re probably clueless about how to change it yourself, it is obviously better to ask some Samsung technician look into it.


How To Fix Galaxy S9 Charging Paused When Battery Temperature Is Too Low?

One solution has already been mentioned, which is to change the malfunctioning thermistor. But you might also want to consider the fact that the thermistor isn’t actually the cause of the problem. At times, there might be some software glitches or other physical malfunctions of the charging components. Until you decide how to proceed, you could simply recharge your Samsung Galaxy S9 only when it is turned off and that might work. But in any case, sooner or later, for hardware issues, you’ll end up in a Samsung repair center.

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