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Galaxy S9: How To Fix Plus GPS Problems

Are you having GPS problems with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? You cannot really tell that you’re having a problem but something makes you feel that the results you’re getting aren’t necessarily right? No matter how certain you are about it, even the slightest suspicions must be taken into seriously because many apps from your smartphone rely on the GPS.

So, if you don’t want to start seeing the wrong results right when you expect less, you’d better investigate the potential issues as soon as you come to suspect any of it. Do it even just to be sure that location tracking works and, in the unfortunate event that your smartphone is lost, you’ll be able to track it down with the GPS… Or do it just to be sure that you won’t get lost in the middle of the night because your GPS isn’t showing you the right current position…


To Fix Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus GPS Problems, Check Its Settings First

We guess you’d be pretty upset to waste your time with all the other solutions from below when, in fact, your phone’s GPS wasn’t set to High Accuracy. This setting should be active before anything else and, if you’re not sure how is your GPS currently set, start checking it right away from Notifications, Settings. You should see the High Accuracy and the alternative options underneath the Location submenu.


When The GPS Settings Look Fine, Monitor GPS Performances With An App

Assuming your phone is set to High Accuracy but the GPS reflects anything but highly accurate results, what’s the next most natural thing? To suspect that there might be something wrong with the performances of your GPS. Lucky for you, there are loads of dedicated apps that you can install and monitor the GPS with, getting even more details on how well it works.

Now, we could let you do the research and choose all by yourself or save you some time and suggest you try the GPS Status and Toolbox right from the start. The app can be accessed from here, in the Play Store, and it will easily tell you more about the satellites position, strength, acceleration, speed and other factors that can determine the performances of your GPS function. Think of magnetic and true north sensors for your compass, but also of leveling or waypoints, battery details etc. Just like we said, you’ll get plenty of info to cope with, so, sit comfortable and start analyzing how your GPS works.


Next, Clear Cache Of Apps That Might Be Using GPS Data

By now, we hope you’re well aware that there are many other apps on the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus that rely on your GPS data, other than Maps. For this reason, when all GPS settings are in place and the GPS performances are more than satisfactory but inaccuracy persists, you can blame it on those apps. Software problems and any cache malfunction can be at the root of your GPS problems, which is why we recommend you to use the Clear Cache option. Go to the Application Manager and clear the cache memory to see if any improvement comes from that.


Perform Factory Reset On Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus When Nothing Else Works

Naturally, as your options narrow down and you seem to run out of options, the idea of taking it to an authorized service will come into play. But don’t forget that you can also factory reset the device all by yourself before you try the final solution. All you need is to open up the Settings center and to select the Reset Device option from the Backup & Reset menu. When you’re ready, but only after you have backed up your most important files, hit the Erase Everything option and wait to see what happens…


Or Take It To A Specialized Service Center If Factory Reset Doesn’t Help

If you’re reading step no. 5 as well, clearly the factory reset didn’t work either. And the truth is that you have officially run out of options, which is why you must now hand the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus to a Samsung technician. He should be able to diagnose and fix your GPS problems at all costs…

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