Galaxy S9: Modify DNS Settings

In the language of the World Wide Web, what you see is not always what you get. While using the internet from your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 is just as smooth as it is from a computer, the ease of use and access are guaranteed by a language that is more logical and intuitive for the end user. Take the DNS, for instance, which is the short name for the Domain Name System – you may not know it, but it’s the DNS that allows you to browse the web fast and easy, without any problems. And you’re using it all the time, probably without even knowing it’s called DNS, right?

Long story short, if it weren’t for the DNS, you would have had to type the IP address of a website. But thanks to it, you can find and access a particular website by simply using the DNS. Assuming you know a bit more about it than what we just told you, you probably have your reasons for wanting to disable or modify the DNS settings on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S9. In some instances, it can help you browse the web faster, not to mention that it might give you access to certain location-blocked websites.


Do You Really Want To Change DNS On Galaxy S9 Device?

Then you should know that as long as you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network you cannot change it. What you can do, instead, is to remove that network from the device’s list and only reconnect after the option of selecting a particular DNS server becomes active. Here’s how to proceed, specifically:

  1. Go to the settings of your phone;
  2. Select the Wi-Fi settings;
  3. Identify the network you’re currently connected to;
  4. Select that Wi-Fi network;
  5. Use the Forget the current network option;
  6. Next, select the name of the Wi-Fi network that you wish to connect to;
  7. Type in the required password;
  8. Navigate all the way to the Advanced Options menu;
  9. Look at the IP settings entry, where you will see the DHCP option active;
  10. Deactivate the DHCP and select, instead, the Static option;
  11. Look for the DNS 1 and the DNS 2 fields and highlight them;
  12. Finally, type your desired DNS addresses and confirm the action by hitting the Join button.


Alternatively, you can use apps from a different DNS. It’s an option that works with both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 devices. Such apps will give you the much-desired option of changing the DNS automatically, without you even having to root the smartphone. Download an app like the DNS Changer or the DNSet and see how it works for you. Suffices to run them after the download and the installation, to select a server from the provided list of options, and to enjoy the experience. Once you do that, the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 will notify you, through that app, that the DNS has been successfully changed!

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