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Galaxy S9 Problem: How To Fix Fast Charging Not Working

Living on fast-forward, we all got used to demand speed in all the aspects of our lives. And since the smartphone, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 or any other model, is a huge part of our daily existence, we want it to move fast and to recharge even faster. Because why wait so long for something that doesn’t have to move that slow?

So, when fast charging became the norm with most smartphone flagships, everyone was super-excited. But get someone used to a certain feature and then see how it feels when that feature is no longer available, right? The same goes for the fast charging, a very much appreciated option of a Samsung Galaxy S9 that doesn’t always work smoothly. Just in case this is something that is happening to you too, here is how to approach the problem.


First Things First, Do You Keep Your Galaxy S9 Or Galaxy S9 Plus Locked During Fast-Charging?

If you don’t, you’re about to discover the easiest fix for this problem. The Samsung Galaxy S9 can only benefit from the fast charging process as long as it is not in use. Were you plugging the charger and trying to use the device while it was supposed to fast-charge? That’s the reason why the device isn’t charging as fast as it should. The solution is extremely simple, just lock its screen and put it aside until the battery gets back to 100%.


Second, Are You Sure That Charger Is Working Properly?

This is something you should suspect in the event that you have done everything by the book – plugged-in the charger, locked the display, let it charge at its own pace. If you did all that but fast charging is not available, perhaps it is something wrong with the charger itself. Ideally, you should get your hands on a different one, not necessarily a new one, and do some testing. As long as it is a certified charger, it should be good for comparison.


Third, Have You Considered A Hidden Battery Consumer?

The word “hidden” alone might make you think that you’ll have to begin a tiring and time-consuming investigation. But the truth is that you can skip any research or any guesswork and simply activate the Airplane mode. This will block all services and apps for you and it will allow you to test if you can fast-charge the Samsung Galaxy S9 under these conditions.


You say you cannot shut everything off, not even just during the testing process? Then the next best thing that you can try is to manually disable as many services as you can – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc – and see if anything changes. Also important, you should make sure that you aren’t letting any app run in the background.

Assuming that none of the options from above worked in your particular case, obviously, your personal efforts will stop here. You’ve checked the software aspects and the possibility of a malfunctioning charger. But if the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still not handling the fast charging, let a technician inspect some potential hardware problems. It could be as simple as an issue with the USB port or a more in-depth problem, so, there’s nothing you can do on your own anyway…

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