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How Much Memory For RAM Is Left On Samsung Galaxy S9

Did you know that sometimes, the reason why your Samsung Galaxy S9 apps aren’t working properly has to do with how much RAM memory is free? If you’re an older and more experienced Galaxy user, you might be used to having to check up the RAM whenever apps start moving slowly or crashing out of a sudden.


In case you didn’t know, however, newer generations of smartphones have solved this RAM problem in the sense that they operate some self-regulating mechanisms. In other words, your smartphone might be checking up constantly to keep the RAM memory occupied up to 3/4 of its total capacity.

The condition for you to benefit from this cool self-regulating option is to have an operating system version of Android Nougat or even something newer than that. So, on one hand, you might be happy to hear that you don’t need to stress out about it. But if you’re not that tech savvy as to know exactly what kind of operating system version you have, this observation might actually worry you.


The good news is that, whether the phone controls its Random Access Memory or not, you can still manually verify how much RAM is free. And you can simply do it from the settings menu.

  1. Head to the Home Screen and swipe down the Notification Shade;
  2. Tap the Settings icon and bring up the general menu on the display;
  3. Stop by the Device Maintenance section;
  4. Identify the RAM option, which should be listed towards the bottom of the Device Maintenance list of options;
  5. Tap on RAM and wait to see the RAM data loaded on the screen.


Depending on what you’re getting, you might decide that you have to clean up some extra RAM or not. Our advice to you, however, is to use the Clean Up option anyway, just in case. Consider that your operating system, your apps, and all the services running on the device, not to mention the CPU, work with the RAM memory and the more free RAM you have, the better it is.

Don’t just settle for finding out how much RAM memory is free on the Samsung Galaxy S9, free up as much as you can from it, yourself. And you should see the difference!

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