How Much RAM Memory Is Free On Samsung Galaxy S9

Is your Samsung Galaxy S9 running slow on the Android Nougat operating system version? It might be just a matter of insufficient RAM memory. Of course, for the time being, you’re only having a hunch. So, how about you learn how to check how much RAM memory is free on your device? That way you’ll be able to periodically check for it and decide if you want to force the process and benefit from extra free RAM.

We say “force the process” because the device is already instructed to self-regulate the amount of RAM required for proper functioning, meaning that a maximum up to ¾ from the total RAM should be occupied. But we get it if being patient or simply relying on default options is not your thing. That’s why we’re going to share with you the following details…


Do you want to know how much RAM is still free on your Galaxy S9 Android Nougat?

  1. Leave everything you’re doing right now and return to the main panel of the Home Screen;
  2. Select the App menu icon from there, to access the Settings;
  3. Finally, extend the Settings menu and look for the section labeled as Device Maintenance;
  4. Somewhere at the bottom of the Device Maintenance section, you should have this toolbar with the RAM entry that you must tap;
  5. A new window will extend on the screen and you’ll get to see, in there, how much RAM memory is taken by the OS and its running apps.


If you find out that the Samsung Galaxy S9 running on Android Nougat is really running low on RAM memory, you can free up some of it easily. In the same window where you saw how much RAM is occupied, you have a Clean Up button. Tap on it and the Galaxy S9 will automatically free as much as it can from the currently occupied RAM.

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