How To Add Contact Image Guide Note 9

If you’re getting lots of calls on your Note 9, creating custom ringtones might not be the best solution. With a contact image, however, you cannot miss who’s calling you from one glance. Sure, it’s fun to have personalized ringtones for each caller, but at some point, you might end up confusing them. What you cannot confuse is a picture, which is why, if you want, you can add a special picture for every single special contact in your agenda.


Have You Decided To Add Contact Image On Note 9 Contact?

The whole thing is going to happen from the settings of the Contacts app, obviously, with a short expansion to the place where you have stored that image, usually within the Gallery. Here’s how to add a contact image, specifically:

  1. Unlock the Note 9 screen;
  2. Bring up the Contacts app from its dedicated icon on the Home Screen;
  3. Go through all your contacts and only select the one whose image you wish to add or to edit (in case it already had an image associated with it);
  4. With that specific contact selected, use the Details section;
  5. And from the Details window, use the Edit option, it should be right at the upper-right corner of the display;
  6. From there, tap the camera symbol with a circle around it, followed by the Gallery icon – that one should be at the bottom-right corner of the display;
  7. Now that you’ve accessed all the images saved on your Note 8, locate the one you wish to associate with this particular contact and select it;
  8. Save the changes and either leave the Settings for good or simply select another contact and retake all these steps.


As you can see, the process of how to add a contact image on the Note 9 can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have lots of contacts you wish to edit. But when you finish and every call is accompanied by a representative image of that person, the feeling is priceless, isn’t it?

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