How To Block Calls On Huawei P20

Users of the new Huawei will often want to be able to block calls on Huawei P20 from an individual or may be all the calls from unknown callers. Several reasons might lead to this decision. Consider that there are so many spammers and telemarketers who target smartphone users. In this article we will illustrate how to block calls on Huawei P20 from such characters keeping them away from reaching you on your phone.


Using Auto-Reject List On Huawei P20 To Block calls

Most common approach for blocking calls on Huawei P20 is using the phone app. Go to the phone app and select “more” from the top right corner. Then you should navigate to settings where you will see “call rejection” and “Auto Reject List”

From this page, you can now enter the phone number of the person that you don’t want to receive a call from. Additionally, and other numbers that you have rejected in the past will appear on this view. Therefore, it is easy to delete numbers from the rejection list whenever you want to do so for Huawei P20 blocking calls


Blocking An Individual Caller From Reaching You Via Huawei P20

You can easily block an individual number from calling you by using the phone application. Select the individual number from the call log. Now, tap on the top right corner and select the option labeled “Add to Auto Reject List”. This should help with Huawei P20 call blocking.


Procedure For Blocking Calls From All Unknown Callers On Huawei P20

You will probably get so many calls from unknown numbers. The easiest approach and also the best is through the use of the “Auto Reject List”. From this option, select the option to block all the calls from the unknown callers. By turning the toggle to ON, you will no longer be receiving those annoying calls anymore.

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