How To Change Device Name On Huawei P20

Your smartphone has a name which is visible when you use Bluetooth. The name can also be seen when you connect the phone to a computer. The name in our case is “Huawei P20.″ If you want, it’s possible to change device name on Huawei P20.

If you want the default name to appear and want to change it to something specific, you can customize the name to anything you wish. Here we have created a guide for you on how to change Huawei P20 device name.


Changing Device Name On Huawei P20 smartphone

  1. Go to your smartphone’s Menu
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find Device Information in the Settings
  4. In the Device Information browse for “Device Name”
  5. Selecting “Device Name” you’ll get a window where you can change your Huawei P20 name.


Now your Huawei P20 device name will be changed on any device you will connect, or when they’ll try to connect your smartphone


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