How To Change Huawei P20 LockScreen

There are different approaches that you can use to change Huawei P20 lockscreen so as to customize it to as per your preferences. Whenever you want to use your Huawei P20 device, the lockscreen will always be the first thing to appear. Therefore adding different widgets and icons to the phones lockscreen so as to make the phone usable is a good idea. The Huawei P20 lockscreen wall paper can also be changed.

Check out the “Lockscreen” by browsing the settings section on your Huawei P20. Once you do so, there will be a list of different features that you can add to Huawei P20 lock screen.


These Include:

  • Dual Clock feature- to display your home time and the time zones you are traveling
  • Clock Size- adjust the size of the clock by making it smaller or bigger
  • Display the date- this is if you wish to have the date displayed.
  • Camera Shortcut- so that you can instantly unlock the camera when you wish
  • Owner Information- you can add Twitter handle or other information to lockscreen
  • Unlock Effect-Changes how the unlock effect and animation Look
  • Additional info-you can choose to add or remove the weather and pedometer information from your screen.


Procedure For Changing Huawei P20 Lock Screen Wallpaper

The procedure for changing lockscreen on Huawei P20 is similar to the one for Huawei P10. To bring up the edit mode, just long press on an empty space on the phone home screen. On the edit mode, you can add widgets, change the settings on the home screen, and you can change the wall paper as well. Tap on the “Wall paper” option and select “Lock Screen”.

There are several default wallpaper options for lockscreen available on the Huawei P20. In addition, you have the select “more images” option. With this option, you are able to pick on any one of the images that you have taken using your phone. Hit the “set wallpaper” button once you have found the image that you were looking for.


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