How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm On Huawei P20

At some point, you might want to use the alarm clock on Huawei P20. Actually, the alarm clock plays an amazing role in that it gives you wake up calls and can also remind you of important appointments. The Huawei P20 clock can also serve as a stopwatch allowing you to be on time every moment. It also comes with the snooze feature. On this guide you will be able to set alarm clocks. You can also be able to edit and delete the timer application using the inbuilt widget.


Alarm Settings For Huawei P20

When you need to add another alarm, tap on the Applications, Navigate to “clock”, and click on Create. You can then customize the following options to your most desired setting.

  • Time: to set the time when you want the alarm to go off, use the up or down arrows. Be sure to set the AM/PM to set the specific time of the day.
  • Alarm Repeat: you can determine the specific days when you want the alarm to repeat. All you need to do is mark repeat weekly box so that the alarm is repeated on the days you have selected.
  • Set the Alarm Type: This allows you to specify the way alarm sounds once it is activated. These include the (Sound and the Vibration, or sound, Vibration).
  • Setting the Alarm Tone: You can also determine the sound file that will be played once the alarm goes off.
  • The Alarm Volume: You can be able to set the slider to the level where you want the volume to sound
  • Snooze: turn on the Snooze feature by moving the toggle to on or off. Also, you will need to specify the interval at which the snooze is activated.
  • Name the Alarm: you can specify the alarm name and it will appear on the display whenever the alarm goes off.


Deleting Alarm On Huawei P20

You might choose to delete the alarm on your Huawei P20. To do this, you need to navigate to the alarm menu. Once you have opened the menu, touch and hold for longer time on the alarm that you want to delete. Touch the delete option to complete the action.


Setting Snooze On Huawei P20

You might want to set the snooze feature whenever the alarm sounds. To do this, swipe the yellow “ZZ” sign to either of the directions. However, this must be set from the alarm settings.


Switching Off Alarm On Huawei P20

To turn off the alarm touch and swipe the “X” that appears on the screen to any direction.



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