How To Create Folders On Huawei P20

Another important feature that Huawei users want to be able to use is the folder on Huawei P20. Adding folders on Huawei P20 allows you to ensure applications are organized and you will also reduce the amount of clutter on your Huawei P20 home screen. In this article, we will explain to you the procedure for creating folders for the icons and widgets on Huawei P20.

Dragging a selected app over another app is the fastest and also the easiest way that allows you to create a new folder on Huawei P20. Ensure you repeat this procedure on the applications that you want to group together on the same folder. Whenever you drag an application on the other one, a new folder will be automatically created.

Whenever the folder name appears you can now release the application and choose to modify the name of the folder you have just created. Here is another alternative approach that you can use to create folders on Huawei P20.


Second Approach For Creating New Folder On Huawei P20

  1. Switch on the Huawei P20
  2. Hold an app for long on the home screen
  3. Bring the app to the home screen and move it to the New Folder option
  4. You can now set the name of the new folder to anything that you want.
  5. Once you are through, tap on the Done tab
  6. Follow steps 1-5 to move the applications that you need to be on the folder.



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