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How To Delete Pictures From Samsung Cloud On Samsung Galaxy S9

The first time when you hear that using the Samsung Cloud gives you access to no less than 15 GB of storage space, you must think that it is more than enough. If you happen to have a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 or any other new Samsung device, you’ll simply be eager to start using it and spare your local storage space with the help of the Samsung Cloud. And it just makes sense that you couldn’t care less about how to delete pictures from it.

Believe us, however, that one way or another, you’ll end up discovering that 15 GB are no longer enough. We’ve been around long enough and received too many messages related to how to delete pictures from Samsung Cloud to not know where you’re heading. So, it’s not a matter of when, but rather of how. And since this is the kind of information you’re good to have in advance, even for later use, here we are, showing you a dedicated tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


How To Remove Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus Pictures Saved In Samsung Cloud

If you’re ready to clean up your Samsung Cloud account, you will obviously have to access the Samsung Cloud settings. To do that, you will start with the settings of your smartphone, taking the steps from below:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and expand the Notification Shade from the top of the display;
  2. Hit the gear icon to bring up the Settings’ main window;
  3. In there, navigate to the Cloud & Accounts tab, where you’ll see the Samsung Cloud entry;
  4. Underneath the Samsung Cloud submenu, tap the option that says something like Manage Cloud Storage;
  5. Once you get there, you’ll be in the position to see exactly how much free storage space you’re currently having on the Samsung Cloud;
  6. Because you mentioned you want to remove the pictures, you’ll want to head to the Gallery tab;
  7. Tap on Gallery and next, tap on Remove From Samsung Cloud;
  8. Expect for this action to require typing the password, for confirmation, and wait to delete the pictures from the Samsung Cloud after you type your password.


With a cleaner account, you can store other data in the Samsung Cloud or, on the contrary, continue to take even more pictures. If you don’t want those pictures to end up in the Cloud as they did before, disable the Gallery Cloud Sync option, which, most likely, is currently active. Also, don’t ignore the fact that you can pay to get even more storage space, in the event that you don’t want to constantly follow the steps of how to delete pictures from Samsung Cloud on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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