How To Display Text Messages On Lockscreen On Samsung Galaxy S9

If you’re looking for a solution of how to display text messages on Lock Screen, it means you have some clues that this will make your life easier. Lucky for you, the Samsung Galaxy S9 has this feature and if you can’t make use of it, for the time being, it’s just because you haven’t enabled it.


Is It Difficult to Display Text Messages On Lockscreen With Galaxy S9?

You must have looked for it but didn’t have any luck, that’s why you’re here, right? And if you’ve seen other smartphone users, perhaps even Galaxy S9 users, who already have it active, you’re even more intrigued. To kill the suspense, such differences may occur because of the carrier. Whether this option is enabled by default on your phone or not and how easy or difficult it is for you to find its settings is something that your carrier is in control of. So, without trying to blame anyone, we have the right solution in your particular case. If you’re a Verizon customer, pay close attention to the following!



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If You’re Ready To Make Text Messages Show Up On Galaxy S9 Lock Screen…

  1. Begin tweaking the settings from the Home Screen;
  2. Identify the Message+ app and launch it;
  3. Go to its menu, from the 3-line symbol visible at the upper-left corner;
  4. When the hamburger menu extends over the screen, look at your messaging options listed in there;
  5. Tap on Settings;
  6. Tap on Enable Popup Over Lock Screen;
  7. Leave this menu.


The 7 intuitive steps, as presented above, are the only process required for making your Samsung Galaxy S9 to display text messages straight on the Lock Screen. Once you do that, you will not only benefit from a quick view of every incoming message, but you’ll also have quick access to replying to it. With the screen locked, from the Lock Screen, you can go straight to the messaging app of your Galaxy S9 and start typing your answer. That’s what we call making your life easier as a smartphone user!

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