How To Enable Disable Driving Mode On Note 8

If you have never used the Driving Mode on your Note 8 before, you’re probably not sure what it does either. It’s obvious you’re supposed to use it while you’re driving, but for what purpose and how exactly? You know you’re supposed to pay attention to the road and to nothing else, so, how are you actually going to use this one if you ever decide to give it a go?

Long story short, the Driving Mode lets you give certain commands, to your smartphone, while you’re driving, without having to touch it or even without having to look at it. When we put it this way, it becomes obvious how it helps you to stay focused on the road, doesn’t it?


In other words, as long as the Driving Mode is enabled, your voice calls are automatically rejected with a message. The caller will get a text message from you, saying something like “Can’t talk right now, I’m driving. I’ll call you back!” or any other customized text that you wish to set up.

As you can imagine, people who need to reach out to you will understand not to bother you anymore and simply wait for your call. Pretty clever and helpful if you ask us, especially since the number of accidents caused by using the phone while driving is on the rise…


How To Enable Or To Disable Driving Mode On Note 8?

  1. Turn on the Messages app;
  2. Go to its Menu, from the icon that should be right at the top-left corner of the app;
  3. Select the Driving Mode;
  4. Hit the Add Device option;
  5. Connect your Bluetooth device to the Driving Mode;
  6. Locate the Driving Mode Auto-Reply and check its box;
  7. Leave the settings and enjoy a stress-free driving experience.

Important to specify, when you reach your destination, don’t forget to disable the boxes for Connect Bluetooth device to Driving Mode and for the Driving Mode Auto-Reply options. That way, you will be able to receive calls and your loved ones won’t have to stay worried that you haven’t reached the destination. As you can see, it’s not difficult at all to enable or to disable the Driving Mode on the Note 8. Moreover, you can even customize the automatic message with whatever text you want, by using the Driving Auto-Reply Message option!

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