How To Enable Or Disable Driving Mode On Note 8

If you’re the type of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone user who pays attention to details, you might have already noticed it. Among the available running modes, your Note 8 also has one called Driving Mode. As you can suspect, this one is dedicated to helping you with a couple of voice commands, so that you don’t need to use your hands on the phone when driving and getting some calls.

If your spouse or a parent or a child is trying to reach out, you don’t have to ignore their calls because you’re driving. However, you can send them a message, one that says something pretty intuitive such as “I’m driving, I’ll call you back later”. And no one needs to be worried about anything. If you agree that you don’t have to let yourself distracted from the road, you will want to use this feature. But do you remember how to get to it?


The Driving Mode Can Be Controlled On Galaxy Note 8 If You…

  1. Bring up the Messages app;
  2. Access the general menu of that app, from the dedicated icon at the top-left corner;
  3. Select the Driving Mode from that menu;
  4. With the Driving Mode active, you must use the Add Device option to connect a device via Bluetooth and make sure that the option stays active;
  5. Finally, after the connection is set up, you must tick the box for the “Driving Mode Auto-Reply” feature.


As a side note, if you’re not happy with the default message that this feature will send whenever you reject a call while driving, you have an option. Within the same menus of the Messages app, look for the entry that says “Driving Auto-Reply Message”. That’s where you can change and customize the text of the message.

Just as obvious, whenever you want to disable the Driving Mode on your Note 8, you must simply retake the steps from above and uncheck the dedicated box of that feature.

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