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How to Fix Email Not Working Properly On Galaxy S9

Has the email app started to disappoint you? Even if it’s the same app you’ve been using on your Samsung Galaxy S9 for quite some time, you can still encounter such surprises occasionally. If you add the fact that this app is probably one of the most used apps from your smartphone, the urgency of fixing it sooner rather than later is understandable.


Coming up next, we’ll walk you through a couple of steps that you can personally take in order to fix the Samsung Galaxy S9 email not working properly. As you are about to discover, some of them can be an actual solution while others would only imply asking for help from those who have the power to interfere. Because depending on whether it’s a problem with your personal or with your work account, as well as if it’s a software or a hardware problem, some of the required actions might be out of your league.

Even so, let us try to identify the nature of the problem first and what usually happens when the Samsung Galaxy S9 no longer has a functional email app. When can you tell that there’s actually a problem with your email app or email account?


Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Email App Problems

That’s right, we’re calling it “common problems” because our reports indicate quite a frequency of this particular issue among the Galaxy S9 users. From what we’re told, there are a couple of manifestations that tend to repeat.

One of them is when the user starts noticing that not all the emails sent to his or her account actually end up visible in the inbox or in any other dedicated folder. So, the app is randomly choosing not to display particular emails. If you ask us, in this specific situation, the problem could relate to the account synchronization.


Other complaints relate to how fast an email becomes visible in the inbox. Again, it looks like a delay in the synchronization of the account because the message reaches its destination much later than expected.

What’s even more frustrating, sometimes, when you want to clean up your inbox, you might discover that you cannot really delete all the messages you’re trying to remove. What can you do about all that?


How To Fix Galaxy S9 Email App Not Working Properly

Option number one is, as always, the least invasive of them all and it would require that you clear the cache of the phone. In case you don’t remember how to do that or you never knew, here are the simple steps: shut off the phone then tap and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up keys; next, when you see the Android logo, you can release the keys as you enter the Recovery Mode and navigate around with Volume Down; select the Wipe Cache Partition option and start it with a tap on the Power button; and in the end, when the erase of the cache was completed, use Reboot System Now.


After selecting the Reboot System Now, your smartphone will restart and leave the Recovery Mode, entering the normal running mode. Try using your email app once again and perhaps you’ll notice some improvements.

If nothing changes, it’s worth trying to use a different email app as well. Try Mailbox, Gmail, Outlook, or any other app from the Galaxy store that might tempt you. Alternatively, you can also remove your email account and add it back. When nothing works and you can’t fix the Samsung Galaxy S9 email app on your own, ask for some help from the Samsung technicians.

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