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How To Fix Fast Charging Not Working Problem On Galaxy S9

The most common situations when fast charging isn’t working on Samsung Galaxy S9 can be divided into three main categories: when a hardware component is broken, when the software is playing you tricks, or when other apps are draining the battery.

Of course, for every single one of these options, there are plenty of aspects to consider. Some of them will be way out of your competence, in which case you will have to ask for professional help. But here’s the bottom line…


The Samsung Galaxy S9, just like any other smartphone, works with hardware and software components. When things go wrong, one of the two is usually the culprit. And hardware issues are more difficult to tackle than the software-related ones, especially when it’s an internal component involved.

To be more specific, the charging process isn’t exclusively about your phone’s charger. The device itself has a charging board inside of it and it is also running some dedicated software that keeps you up to date on the status of your battery. Yes, sometimes it’s the actual charger at fault. But it can also be the charging board from inside or… the software that we just mentioned.┬áConsidering all that, it seems that third-party apps and services that are draining your battery or a malfunctioning charger are the easiest of your problems. But let’s take things one at a time…


Issue #1 – Charger

This is easy. Grab another charger, even from someone else – as long as it is an original Samsung charger, you don’t need to buy a new one to test your old charger. If the Samsung Galaxy S9 charges faster with this different charger, you know what you have to do.


Issue #2 – Charging Board

If the phone charges just as lousy with any charger you’re testing, you should suspect the charging board itself. Unfortunately, you cannot operate on it alone and you might want to give it to a Samsung technician. Still, hold that thought and rule out some other potential causes first.


Issue #3 – Charging Software

Normally, software issues aren’t that difficult but it’s not like you have an icon on your Home Screen that takes you to that software. So, again, this is the kind of problem that you can’t handle alone and if you’ll take the device to an authorized service, they will fix it for you.


Issue #4 – Third-Party Apps And Services

This is the kind of software issue that you would probably prefer to have. If any of them is draining your battery as you try to recharge it, simply activate the Airplane Mode. It will shut things off and you should be able to notice the difference. Of course, if you cannot convince yourself to block all the services at once, you might want to manually disable your Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, and so on.

Just bear in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is having a fast charging problem only when you cannot fast-charge it with the screen turned off! Don’t try to use your phone like you always do while hoping it will use the fast-charging function because it doesn’t work that way!

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