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How To Fix Huawei P20 Back Button Not Working

The smartphone, Huawei P20, is one of the best smartphones that have different features, advanced controls, and options. But, some people have come with various reports claiming that the Huawei P20 back button is not working. The buttons that have a problem on your Huawei P20 are the ones which light up whenever they are tapped. The lit up keys shows the Huawei P20 functioning when the phone is turned on.

Many attest that their Huawei P20 back-button is not working whenever the lights are turned on. We’ll explain how to solve such a problem where the touch return key or Home button doesn’t turn on and not working.

It may likewise be that the Touch-Key isn’t broken and actually, for that matter, working for most owners of the Huawei P20. The buttons could be just turned OFF and disabled causing them not to work. Whenever the Huawei P20 seems to be in energy saving mode, its default settings turn OFF these keys. To know how to turn on those Touch-Key lights on Huawei P20, kindly follow the step-by-step instructions below.


How To Fix Touch Key Light Not Working On Huawei P20:

  1. Simply, Turn your Huawei P20 on.
  2. Access the Menu page and open it.
  3. Head to Settings.
  4. Then, click on “Quick Settings”
  5. Choose “Power Saving”
  6. Later, head to “Power Saving Mode”
  7. Then, head to the “Restrict Performance” option.
  8. At the “Turn off touch-key light”, Uncheck the box that appears next to it.


After you are through, you will be able to turn back on the two touch-keys lighting on Huawei P20.

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