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How To Fix Huawei P20 Fast Battery Drain

Huawei P20 is the recent new flagship that has been released by Huawei. Despite the fact that it is an excellent smartphone, there are some problems and one is fast drying of the Huawei P20 battery.

This issue is often based on the apps that you are running or the Android software bugs that you need to fix. Continue reading to find out several ways that will help to fix the problem of fast battery drain on your device.

LTE, Bluetooth And Location Disabling

When you are running location tracking via the internet, LTE internet, or Bluetooth, know that these will kill your Huawei P20 battery quickly. You might need these services sometimes, but on others you don’t need them. Switch the apps off so that you can see how much longer the Huawei P20 battery life will last. In case you require to useGPS (Location), make sure the power saving feature is active so that GPS only wakes up when it is necessary. This is for instance when using the navigation feature.

How To Use Huawei P20 Power Saving Mode

“Power saving mode” on Huawei P20 comes with super options that will enable you to fix the issue of a Huawei P20 Battery that dies fast. The options available include limiting the background data use, restricting apps performance for example switching off the GPS and the backlit keys. We also have lowering the Screen Frame rate and governing the processor as the other options. This mode can be started automatically, or you can choose to set it manually.

Disabling Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Connection drains the battery on your Huawei P20 whenever it’s left open for long. There is no need to have the Wi-Fi auto connecting to available Wi-Fi signals. It is also a good idea to switch off the Wi-Fi when you are not using it. When using data connection to access the internet, switch off the Wi-Fi.

Disabling And Background Sync Management

With the apps running, they are using the battery charge on your Huawei P20. To stop the problem of a Huawei P20 battery that drains quickly, close the apps that are not being used. This is by accessing settings and selecting sync so as to disable it.

Option two is to go to the “settings” feature, click on Accounts and then Deactivate sync for applications that you don’t need to auto synch. For instance, you will realize when Facebook sync is not active, the battery lasts longer.

Huawei P20 Reboot Or Reset

When the battery is draining faster, the best option is resetting the phone. A fresh start is enough reason why you need to reset the device. See how to Reboot & Reset on Huawei P20.

Reduce Tethering Duration

Limit the amount of time that you tether with your Huawei P20. The tethering feature is good option for connecting your other devices to the internet, but this is a feature that makes the Huawei P20 battery run dry quickly. To fix a fast drying battery turn off the tethering feature on your Huawei P20.

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