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How To Fix Huawei P20 Not Charging Problem

The long retention battery of Huawei P20 is one of its outstanding features. Even as the most Huawei P20 have remained problem free, reports have come out that some of the devices have failed to charge correctly. In an effort of resolving such an issue, some people who own Huawei P20 have gone ahead to purchase a new charger thinking that there was a problem with the USB. However, we can suggest you some quick methods you can use when you plug in your Huawei P20 and find that it isn’t charging.

Apart from that, some other causes of the Huawei P20’s charger not charging (the grey battery problem) or not working that are pretty common are:

  • Damaged battery.
  • Pushed in, Bent, or broken connectors on the battery or device.
  • Defective cable or charging the unit.
  • A phone is defective.
  • Temporary phone problem.


Now that you know that your phone has a charging problem, you don’t need to contact a technician straight away but there are a couple of things you can do;


Changing Cables

The charging cable is the initial thing you should check when you notice the Huawei P20 doesn’t charge. It could be that the charger cable that charges your Huawei P20 has been improperly connected or damaged. To examine if the cable has an issue, try out another USB cable around before you purchase a new cable. If you notice the other USB cable charging the Huawei P20, then perhaps it is time to get a new Huawei P20 cable charger.


Reset Huawei P20

Sometimes a software problem can cause the Huawei P20 not to charge whenever it is plugged in. in that case, a software reboot is necessary to solve the issue. Although this is a temporary fix to the problem, it can also help fix the Huawei P20 charging problem. For more on that, check out this detailed guide here.


Clean USB Port

Blocking of the smartphone connection is another common issue that is prevalent when your Huawei P20 smartphone is not charging through the USB. Perhaps, it may be that some lint, dirt or debris has entered the USB end making the connection to stop. When you find that your Huawei P20 fails to charge, this usually is the main issue in most cases. To fix this issue, simply place a paper click or a small paper in the USB port and then move it around so that everything gets out. Importantly, when you are cleaning the USB port, clean gently and carefully so as not to damage anything.


Get Support From Authorized Technician

If you try the above methods and you see that your Huawei P20 is not charging, contact a Huawei technician to check it out. If need be, you will be informed of the possible repair requirement and a possible replacement, under the phone warranty cover.

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