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How To Fix Huawei P20 Turns OFF Randomly

Amongst the best smartphones during 2018, you will find the Huawei P20. Unfortunately, the Huawei P20 turns off randomly for no apparent reason which is extremely frustrating for some owners.

It is usually not normal for the Huawei P20 to shuts off and restart at random. However, if your Huawei P20 has such an issue, then, follow the explanation below to solve the Huawei P20 problem of randomly turning off and restarting.


Factory Reset The Huawei P20

At the first instance, you ought to try to factory reset Huawei P20 so as to fix the smartphone that keeps turning off randomly. For more information on how to factory reset, read the guide on how to factory reset your Huawei P20. But don’t forget that the crucial thing to do is to back-up all information and files, so as to prevent loss of data before you factory reset the Huawei P20.


Clear Cache On Huawei P20

Once you complete the factory reset, it’s advisable to wipe your Huawei P20’s cache partition (Learn how you can clear the Huawei P20 cache).

Simply, turn off your Huawei P20 and later press and hold together the Home, Power, and Volume up buttons. When you see at the top the Huawei logo appearing accompanied by a blue recovery text, you will release the buttons. While in the Recovery menu, scroll using the Volume down button until you reach the wipe cache partition and then highlight and press Power so as to choose it. After doing that highlight the reboot system with the Volume buttons and later select it with the Power button.


Manufacturer Warranty

Finally, you need to check whether your Huawei P20 still remains under warranty cover in case the above methods fail to work. For that reason, if the Huawei P20 has serious issues, replacement to fix the problem is easy under a warranty.

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