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How To Fix No Service On Huawei P20

“No Service” error on Huawei P20 might appear on your smartphone that can give you a headache and limit the way you can use your device. The error will mostly appear when your Huawei P20 is not registered on any network or when there is no signal on your phone. Below we’ll explain the causes for no service on Huawei P20 and how to fix these problems.


What Causes No Service Error On Huawei P20

The error appears mostly when the radio signal is switched off on your smartphone. Whenever there is an issue with the WIFI and GPS the signal turns off automatically.


Procedure For Fixing Huawei P20 No Service

Follow the following steps and you will be able to fix the “No Service” issue on Huawei P20:

  1. Tap on the Dial Pad
  2. Enter (*#*#4636#*#*). You don’t need to press the send button as this is automatically done.
  3. Tap on the Service Mode
  4. Tap on “Phone information” or “Device information”
  5. Tap on Run Ping Test
  6. Select Turn Radio Off and this will reboot the phone
  7. Tap on Reboot


Fixing IMEI Number On Huawei P20

The “No Service” error appears mostly as a result of nulled or unknown IMEI number on Huawei P20.


Sim Card Change On Huawei P20

The error might also appear because of a Sim Card issue. To check, if this is the cause, you might need to insert a new Sim Card. This might fix the “No Service” error on Huawei P20.

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