How To Fix Pink And Green Lines On Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

A common problem that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Pink and green lines on screen show up. When you surf the web through a particular forum that talks to people who might have experienced such a problem, you can hear them say that humidity exposure might probably cause such a display malfunction.

You may wonder how that can be. You thought that Galaxy S9 is a waterproof smartphone as it was labeled. Well, it now daunts on you that the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus phone is not really water resistant as such. It is surely a water resistant device, but when the plain reality of water damaged hit you, you are bound to think otherwise.

You might see all kinds of colorful lines showing on the AMOLED display. You may ask yourself; is it random or something serious about the pink and green lines on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus? Should you deal with it or leave it. Check whether the charging port or some other hardware components have moisture perhaps after soaking your phone into water.

When you see such green and pink lines popping up, do not ignore them! Your AMOLED screen panel can end up to be as good as dead. Even if you feel that you have few options at hand, utilize them.

The first option you can take is to turn off your Galaxy S9 smartphone for at least 1 hour. Some users have testified that after carrying out that task the lines began to be rarer and less visible as the problem significantly diminished.

The second option you can attempt is to adjust the phone’s display settings. You will need to set your phone to the basic mode or AMOLED photo option to switch the default mode to an AMOLED cinema/ adaptive display fashion. You should expect some small decrease in the intensity of the green and pink lines on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, but the problem might not be all solved.

The last and the most effective option is to take back the Samsung Galaxy phone to the device vendor or the Samsung service department. Do your best to benefit from the 1-year warranty free fix that customers offer their customers.

In simple terms….the surest way to solve the pink and green lines on Samsung Galaxy S9 display. That is why we advised you to take advantage of the warranty period as the replacement process is expensive.

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