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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus From Rebooting

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Has it recently started to reboot, out of a sudden? When it does so, do you see the Samsung logo on the screen, with every reboot? Are you on the verge of wanting to trade this phone for another one? Here’s the thing… If it’s an Android device, it can happen to literally any device out there, so, don’t take it personally.

From where you stand, you can and you should use your warranty to let the Samsung technicians fix it. If you’re not the kind of user who relies on the customer support, and want to nail it yourself, read on. You might be able to try a few things on your own.


Tell Us What’s The Cause And We’ll Tell You How To Fix It…

Of course, if you’d knew the cause, you probably wouldn’t be here, asking for our help. But this is just a figure of speech to let you know that finding a solution for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that keeps rebooting can be approached depending on the main cause of the problem. From this perspective, there are actually two potential causes:

  1. Operating system problems
  2. Application problems


If we’re talking about problems with the operating system, as scary as it might sound, the news isn’t that bad. That’s because, most likely, the rebooting was triggered by an unsuccessful firmware update. So, if you know that the phone went through a firmware update recently, and the malfunctioning started to manifest soon after that, you might be on the right lead.

The solution, in this particular case, is to get rid of the current OS version, which can only be accomplished through… a factory reset. Long story short, the reset will literally erase everything from the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. This includes the Android software, meaning that you will have to reconfigure it. If the reboots aren’t very sudden and you have the time, you’re obviously better if you back up some data before you reset it. You’ll be thankful for it when you’ll start with your phone from scratch…


Back to the other potential problem, when an app isn’t working properly, it can be a bit more complicated to solve it. Not because you cannot get rid of the app, but mostly because it may not be that obvious which app is it… Sure, if the Galaxy S9 keeps rebooting only when you’re using Facebook, or whatever app, you don’t need to investigate very much. You just uninstall the app and see how it goes.

But what if you don’t know what app to blame? Well, in this frustrating situation, you might want to boot the smartphone into Safe Mode, where all third-party apps are blocked. If no reboots manifest in here, you can tell for a fact that it’s a third-party app that you should get rid of. This narrows down your choices, but still doesn’t pinpoint the one and only app that is causing all the problems. That’s why you’ll have to test by uninstalling these apps, one by one. Maybe it helps if you start from the most recently installed ones…


Now, to keep it short, here’s how to get into Safe Mode, from where you can safely uninstall whatever apps you need: power off the device and keep pressing the Power key until you make the phone reboot; wait to see the Samsung logo and then, you can let go of the Power and start pressing the Volume Down; when you’re asked to type the sim pin, do that and expect to see the Safe Mode message in one corner of the screen. Go on and try to find out why the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus keep rebooting…

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