How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On Huawei P20

Though Huawei claims that demand for their smartphone P20 is much higher than they expected it to be, some users keep complaining about different issues they have to face with their smartphones. One of the very common issues is the slow Internet lag on Huawei P20. Not only web pages won’t load, the problem persists while using some apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and others

We have found some solutions to the slow Internet connection issue on Huawei P20 smartphone, but before we’ll give a thorough guide on how to do that, we should understand why this issue shows up in the first place. There can be many reasons for this problem users face.


Some of the common reasons for slow Internet connection on Huawei P20:

  • The signal strength is poor or low.
  • Wi-Fi network is poor.
  • The website you want to access has a very heavy load.
  • The network is congested and too many many people use it.
  • There are a lot of background apps running.
  • There is very low       storage space left.
  • Full or corrupted Internet cache can be another reason.
  • There is need to update the firmware on Huawei P20.
  • There is need to update the browser software.
  • Data speed limit is exceeded.


Above mentioned reasons can well be the real issues of slow Internet connection on Huawei P20 smartphone. If you couldn’t find the possible reason of your case reading through the list and don’t know what to do to fix the problem, here we have a list of instructions that can help you get rid of the slow Internet issue on Huawei P20.


Clearing caches of Huawei P20 smartphone.

Clearing caches will help in most cases, but if for some reason slow Internet issue persists on Huawei P20, doing a “wipe cache partition” must be the solution. You shouldn’t worry about the data you have on your smartphone, as clearing cache doesn’t delete any of your files like photos or videos, messages are not deleted as well. You can complete the life-saving “Wipe Cache Partition“ going to the Android recovery mode. We have prepared a full guide on how to clear Huawei P20 phone cache.


WiFi should be turned off

A very banal but a common reason of slow Internet connection is that your phone is connected to a weak WiFi on Huawei P20. You should make sure to turn it off or disable. Here is how to turn WiFi off on Huawei P20:

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Find Connections.
  4. Select Wi-Fi.
  5. Turn WiFi off using the slider in the upper right corner.


Get Technical Support

If you have tried anything you could to fix the issue with the slow Internet connection on Huawei P20 smartphone, one thing is still left for you to do. Take it to a store where a technician can check the phone and see if there is any physical damage caused to your phone. In this case, your phone should either be replaced or repaired.



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