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How To Hide Photos On Huawei P20

If you own the new Huawei phone, you might wish to find out the procedure for hiding photos on Huawei P20. The private mode allows you to keep the photos private by hiding them. You can therefore do this without having to download any third party applications. There are different options that allow you to use Private Mode on Huawei P20. Therefore, you can be able to hide videos on Huawei P20 and hide photos.

The Private mode allows you to keep the pictures private as it will ask for a password or the unlock pattern. Here is a guide that allows you to set up the Private Mode on Huawei P20 so that you can hide photos.


Procedure For Adding And Removing Files From Private Mode On Huawei P20

You can add several media applications to the private mode. To complete this, follow the following steps:

  1. Switch on the Private Mode
  2. Navigate to the file that you want to add to private mode.
  3. Tap on the file(s) and select Overflow menu button which is on the upper right side.
  4. Tap on “Move to Private”


Enabling Private Mode On Huawei P20 

  1. From the top of the phone screen use two fingers to swipe down and you will find a list of options.
  2. Select Private mode from the options that appear.
  3. You will see a quick walkthrough when you enter the private mode for the very first time using your phone. Note that you will be required to enter the pin code each time you want to access the private mode.


Procedure For Disabling Private Mode

  1. From the top of the phone screen, swipe downwards using two fingers
  2. Select private mode from the options displayed
  3. Once you do this, the phone reverts to normal mode


Through the above instructions you will be able to set up the private mode on Huawei P20. The same also allows you to add files to a private album or private folder on Huawei P20 and so they aren’t viewable while on private mode.



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