How To Hide Pictures On Galaxy Note 9

Everybody takes pictures these days, from their smartphones, tablets, or any other smart device. The problem with taking so many pictures, however, is that one can easily misplace the personal photos. And since there is not a single thing worse than having your private information into the wrong hands, it only makes sense that you seek solutions to hide pictures. Naturally, you don’t need to hide all your pictures, but only the ones that matter the most. Lucky for you, the Note 8 has a very special instrument at hand, just for that purpose.

Call it the Private Mode or the Secure Folder, it’s one and the same. In fact, the Secure Folder is where your pictures are hidden the moment you disable the Private Mode. And this explanation alone should say pretty much everything about this solution, right?


The Private Mode is a built-in option, available for free. Its icon sits within the Control Panel screen. And it can be turned On or Off with a single tap and, of course, the introduction of a password that you get to set. After all, the Secure Folder becomes visible when you type the password, you get to move your pictures, videos, or any other files in it, and then you deactivate the Private Mode to make the Secure Folder invisible. That’s how it works.

In case we need to be more specific…


To Enable Secure Folder On Note 9 You Must:

  1. Go to the Home Screen;
  2. Swipe down from its top;
  3. Access the Control Panel screen;
  4. Select the Secure Folder option;
  5. Follow the introductory steps and set up your password.

Note that after you take these steps for the first time, you will no longer have to watch that series of instructions. You type your PIN and the folder becomes visible.


To Disable Private Mode On Note 9 You Must:

  1. Return to the Control Panel screen;
  2. Spot the Secure Folder option once again;
  3. Tap on its icon to exit the Private Mode and make your Secure Folder invisible.


To Edit Content Of Secure Folder On Note 9 You Must:

  1. Enable the Private Mode before anything else;
  2. Select the Overflow menu option from its main screen;
  3. Use the option Move to Private.

Like we said, the Secure Folder can take in a lot more than pictures, but that’s why most of the Note 8 users are asking about it. Feel free to explore all of your options!

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