How To Reset Password When Locked Out: Galaxy Note 8

One of the reasons why Galaxy Note 8 is quite popular is the fact that for every common problem you might bump into, it comes with a solution. Take, for instance, the embarrassing situation of forgetting the password you would normally use to unlock the Lock Screen. That’s right, this is a common problem and Samsung has implemented more than one solution for it. If you’ll take a look at our suggestions from this tutorial, you’ll notice that not all of them were specifically intended as solutions for how to reset the password when locked out. But who cares as long as they actually work in this situation?

Check out the hard factory reset, to begin with. Everybody knows it as the ultimate option for dealing with annoying software problems. When you don’t know how to go about it, you simply erase everything and the device will work like brand new, even though it means it will erase all of its previously stored data.


The same goes for the Android Device Manager. The ADM was designed to allow users to lock a device remotely and, if necessary, to remove its data also remotely. People who have their phones lost would normally make use of it but even you, in case you have forgotten the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 password, can access it and change its password remotely. You obviously haven’t literally lost it and, since you have it next to you, after changing its password remotely, you will be able to unlock it and set up a new password.

Last but not least, there’s also the Samsung Find My Mobile option. Just like its direct competitor, Find My iPhone, this one helps users who have misplaced their devices to access a series of Remote Controls and, again, temporarily reset the password.


Regardless of the initial purpose of the previously mentioned solutions, what matters most is that you can use any of it to bypass the locked screen of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. There are, of course, some limitations, like the necessity of a previous backup (with the hard factory reset, to avoid losing all the data) or having your device registered (with either Android Device Manager or Samsung, for using the two other options). But as long as you can get over one or several of these limitations, you shouldn’t be having any problems with the password reset. Here’s what to do…


For the Android Device Manager:

  1. Use a PC with an internet connection;
  2. Access the Android Device Manager from its browser;
  3. Log in and select your Note 8 from the account;
  4. Enable the Lock and Erase function;
  5. Follow the steps that will be detailed afterward;
  6. Set up a temporary password and use it to unlock your phone;
  7. Don’t forget to change that password with a permanent one after regaining the access to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


For the Samsung Find My Mobile:

  1. Register the device with Samsung;
  2. Make use of the Find My Mobile service;
  3. Reset the password with a temporary password;
  4. Unlock the device and change its password.


For the hard factory reset:

  1. Hold the Power button and select the Power off option;
  2. After it shuts down, tap and hold simultaneously the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons;
  3. When the Android icon is being displayed, you can let go of the buttons;
  4. You’ll then enter the Recovery Mode, where you should navigate from the Volume Down button;
  5. Select the Factory Reset option and hit Power;
  6. Confirm with the Yes – Delete All User Data option;
  7. When the device reboots, it will have no data on it and no password, so you should access it flawlessly.

If you ask us, there’s no way you won’t be able to solve the problem of being locked out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with one of these three options. You don’t have to like all of them, but if you really want your Note 8 back, you’re going to use it…

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