How To Reset Password When Locked Out On Galaxy Note 8

You can tell you’re not the only one who needs to reset the Galaxy Note 8 password after being locked out, just by looking at your options. That’s right, there’s more than one way to handle this embarrassing situation and it can only mean that it happens to different people all the time. As it turns out, forgetting the password – or someone playing tricks on you and changing your password – is not so uncommon and the is not your only option. Sure, it’s still an option that you’ll have to keep at hand, with all the risk of losing your data and files if you haven’t backed up anything recently. But there are also two other options to consider.

The strangeness of the situation left aside, you’ll see that these two alternatives might also prove useful to you in the future. If you’ll ever lose your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or have it stolen, the following services can help you access it remotely and at least delete the data you don’t want to see in the wrong hands…


So, your problem is that you can no longer unlock the screen and use the device. Since it’s just a password-related problem, you need to edit the security options of the device, change your current password, and use the newly-set password (which is a temporary password) to unlock the phone. How do you do all that when you’re locked outside, you wonder?

  1. You can use the Android Device Manager and its Lock & Erase feature;
  2. You can use the Samsung Find My Mobile (or Find My Android) and use its Remote Controls.


The Actual Steps For Accessing Lock Feature With Android Device Manager:

  1. Go to any PC that is internet connected;
  2. Access the Android Device Manager over the web;
  3. Log in and select your Galaxy Note 8;
  4. Activate the Lock & Erase feature;
  5. Follow the indications from there;
  6. Set up your temporary password;
  7. Go to your Note 8 and unlock it with that temporary password;
  8. Go to its settings and set up a new password.


The Actual Steps For Accessing Remote Controls Feature With Find My Mobile:

  1. Access the Find My Mobile service over the web;
  2. Use your credentials from the registration with Samsung to authenticate yourself and set up that temporary password for your phone;
  3. Use the new pass to skip the Lock Screen of the Note 8;
  4. Go straight to settings for setting up a permanent, new password.

Please note that for any of the two options from above to work, you must have your phone registered either with the Android Device Manager or directly with Samsung. If you haven’t taken these steps in advance, the ultimate option is to…


Factory Reset Galaxy Note 8 When Locked Out And Nothing Else Works:

  1. Power off the device;
  2. Long press on the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons;
  3. Release the buttons as soon as the Android logo pops up on the screen;
  4. Use Volume Down to navigate around;
  5. Navigate all the way to the Factory Reset menu;
  6. Activate the Factory Reset option with a tap on the Power key;
  7. Confirm from the option that says Yes, Delete All User Data;
  8. Wait for the reboot and expect to see your Galaxy Note 8 without any password (and without any data on it!) when it restarts.

You now have not one, but 3 different ways to reset the password when locked out from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But do your best to avoid the situations when you need to use any of it!

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