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How To Set Custom Ringtones On Huawei P20

Huawei P20 is one of the best 2018 smartphones. The users of the phone want to be able to customize ringtone for individual contacts. Actually, this can be done and the procedure is easy. The custom ringtone can be applied on individual contact or for all the contacts. Here is the procedure that allows you to use your music selection as a custom ringtone on Huawei P20.


Procedure For Customizing Ringtones On Huawei P20

Huawei new technology makes the process of adding and creating customized ringtones on Huawei P20 for contacts easy. You can as well customize the sounds for text messages. The steps that you need to follow are:

  1. Switch on your Huawei P20
  2. Open the Dialer app
  3. Lookout for the contact that you want to edit ringtone for and select it.
  4. To edit the contact, touch the pen-shaped icon
  5. Tap on the “Ringtone” button
  6. A Popup window comes up indicating the ringtone sounds
  7. Look out for the song that you want to use as custom ringtone
  8. In case the tone selected is not listed select “add”. Then you now need to look for it from the device storage and select it.


These instructions allow you to change the specific ringtone for an individual contact on Huawei P20. If you do so, calls from other contacts will use the default sounds while the customized contacts will apply specific tone you have set.

The reason why you might want to make use of custom ringtones is when you wish to personalize things. This way you can know who is calling even without looking at the phone screen.

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