How To Turn OFF And ON Preview Messages Note 9

If you ask some of the Note 9 users, those preview messages that show up by default, whenever they get a text, either on the Lock Screen or on the Home Screen, are too small to represent a privacy matter. But if you often discuss sensitive things from your device or you just can’t stand the thought of others looking at your message previews, the small font of that small preview window might not bring you too much consolation.

At some point, you might find yourself looking for a way to make the previews disappear. If only you’d knew how easy it is to do so…


So, Are You Ready To Play With Message Preview Settings On Note 9?

Even though these are settings associated with the Messages app, you aren’t going to find it if you just look within the app. What you should do, instead, is to access the general settings of this specific app, from the Applications option of the Settings main menu. Expect to find in there, as mentioned, specific options for both the Lock Screen message preview and the Status Bar message preview. Some people wish to get rid of both of them, others just of one of them. You’ll certainly find out what works best for you soon enough. So, here is what to do:

  1. Bring up the Settings menu, as suggested above;
  2. Extend the Applications option available in there;
  3. Select the Messages application;
  4. Head to its Notifications submenu;
  5. And find the Preview Message option;
  6. You’ll see two options underneath the Preview Message:
  7. Lock Screen;
  8. Status Bar;
  9. Each option has its own checkbox that you can tick or untick to activate or deactivate it, as you see fit.


Assuming you have unticked the Lock Screen option, you will no longer get message previews on the Lock Screen. If you have disabled the Status Bar, you will no longer get message previews on the Home Screen. Whenever you’re up for a change, you can retake the same steps described in this short tutorial to turn Off and On the Preview Messages on your Note 9.

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