How To Turn Off Screen Overlay On Samsung Galaxy S9

You’ve probably heard quite a few people asking how to turn off the screen overlay on Galaxy S9 device. Nevertheless, this is actually an error, a very common error if we judge by the number of complaints coming from users of very different Android devices. Even if it happened to you for the first time of this Samsung Galaxy S9 screen overlay, you should know that the problem dates back to previous Android updates.

Now, because we know you can’t take much comfort in understanding that this is a general problem, we’re here to offer you a solution. So, assuming you’re tired of seeing that “Screen overlay detected” on Galaxy S9 popup, let us come with some extra useful information. We’ll get to whether you must use the Change Settings button or not in just a minute or two…


How does the screen overlay manifest?

Just to be sure that you’ve correctly identified your problem, here’s what you should be looking for. A screen overlay example that everyone knows is the . You must have noticed how it pops up on top of your Facebook page, allowing you to chat. When you’re using it, you’re basically covering the Facebook page content from behind it, with this new chat window.

Why is this a problem and the Samsung Galaxy S9 shows screen overlay has been detected? You see, the example that we just gave you is a useful and harmless manifestation of the screen overlay. In other instances, screen overlays could be used to cover some permission dialogs and make you grant to who knows what app who knows what permissions that it shouldn’t have.

Of course, this kind of behavior is associated with harmful apps and not all the screen overlays are such a dangerous thing. Then again, you should understand why the smartphone is asking you to give a particular app the permission of using the screen overlay feature. Since it’s disabled by default, you’re not at risk and you can personally decide which apps should have this permission and which shouldn’t….


In order to change screen overlay settings on Samsung Galaxy S9:

  1. You should open the Settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S9;
  2. In there, go to the Applications section and open the Application Manager tab;
  3. At the top-right corner, select the More button;
  4. Locate the Apps that can appear on top feature;
  5. Finally, select the apps that can use the screen overlay from there.


If you’re having problems with one particular app…

By now, we discussed the screen overlay and we’ve mentioned that it’s not just a simple feature, but it can also be an error. Assuming you’ve noticed the screen overlay error popup, the one asking you to change the permission settings, whenever you’re using one app, you should follow the steps from the previous section.

When you reach the Apps that can appear on top section and you’ve found the problematic app listed in there, change its status to Off – tap on the toggle next to it, currently set to On, and you’re done. You’ve found out how to turn off screen overlay on Samsung Galaxy S9 and the popup won’t bug you anymore.


Samsung Galaxy S9: How Much RAM Memory Is Free

Is your Samsung Galaxy S9 running slow on the Android operating system? It might be just a matter of insufficient RAM memory. Of course, for the time being, you’re only having a hunch. So, how about you learn how to check how much RAM memory is free on your device? That way you’ll be able to periodically check for it and decide if you want to force the process and benefit from extra free RAM.

We say “force the process” because the device is already instructed to self-regulate the amount of RAM required for proper functioning, meaning that a maximum up to ¾ from the total RAM should be occupied. But we get it if being patient or simply relying on default options is not your thing. That’s why we’re going to share with you the following details…


Do you want to know how much RAM is still free on Galaxy S9 Android?

  1. Leave everything you’re doing right now and return to the main panel of the Home Screen;
  2. Select the App menu icon from there, to access the Settings;
  3. Finally, extend the Settings menu and look for the section labeled as Device Maintenance;
  4. Somewhere at the bottom of the Device Maintenance section, you should have this toolbar with the RAM entry that you must tap;
  5. A new window will extend on the screen and you’ll get to see, in there, how much RAM memory is taken by the OS and its running apps.


If you find out that the Samsung Galaxy S9 running on Android is really running low on RAM memory, you can free up some of it easily. In the same window where you saw how much RAM is occupied, you have a Clean Up button. Tap on it and the Galaxy S9 will automatically free as much as it can from the currently occupied RAM.

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