How To Turn ON And OFF Preview Message On Huawei P20

Preview messages on Huawei P20 is a great feature. This feature allows the phone user to quickly view the messages even when the Huawei P20 is locked. However, the preview feature can become problematic. This is especially when you receive sensitive text message and it shows something you don’t wish other people around you to see. Therefore, this becomes problematic to the phone user and something has to be done immediately.

If the Huawei P20 Preview feature is causing you more pain than benefits, you might want to get rid of it. Luckily enough, the procedure is just simple and you can do this easily. Here is a guide on how you can activate and deactivate the preview messages on Huawei P20 lock screen.


Procedure For Turning On And Off Message Preview On Huawei P20

  1. Switch on the Huawei P20
  2. Navigate to menu and select the settings
  3. Checkout for applications and tap on the messages
  4. Tap the Notifications
  5. Checkout for a section that is labeled preview Message
  6. There will be two boxes one labeled “home screen” and another “status bar”.
  7. Now, uncheck the options that you don’t want preview messages to show up on anymore.


Now that you have unchecked the boxes that you don’t need to see the preview messages to show up on, to change this setting you just need to tick the boxes again.

The reason why you would choose to deactivate messages preview on Huawei P20 is when you want more privacy on your messages.

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